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Laptops are made to be portable, that means the laptop battery life lasts for up to six or seven hours before you need to be charge again. Therefore, it is likely that you will need your laptop charger all times to give power supply to your laptop, also which is commonly known as an AC Adapter Charger. In this blog we will discuss how to take care of your laptop charger.

Things to Keep in Mind

Often time you forget to take care for your chargers and just place them anywhere. These actions can result to the damage of the laptop charger if not initially addressed. You may think that it is OK to simply ignore to take care of your charger but as owners of one, it is your responsibility.

Unfortunately, your laptop charger can become damaged in many ways, by getting tightly wrapped up, wire breaks due to twisting and rolling, by stuffing it in small case, constant plugging and unplugging wears out the cord.

How you can prolong the lifespan of the laptop charger

However, with proper care and use you can prolong the lifespan of the laptop charger. Here are a few simple ways to care for your AC adapter.

  1. A) Make sure you use a charger that is specifically for your laptop. If you use a laptop charger that is not for you, the possibilities of your laptop is damaged is high.
  2. B) Before plugging the charger in the power outlet, make sure the product is made to fit the voltage circuit requirement such as 110 or 220V. The same goes with plugging the chargers connector in the laptop under the specific laptop model your charger serves
  3. C) Place your laptop charger somewhere that water cannot reach it to avoid electrocution of the user and the destruction of your laptop
  4. D) Always unplug your charger when it is too hot. This is to prevent it from spoiling and damaging the laptop. You are advised to disconnect the charger when the battery is full to save energy usage
  5. E) When using the charger for a long time, place it in a surface which allows it cool down or in surface where circulation is possible and that does not trap heat like the fabric, cushions, leather sofa, your thighs, blankets and more. This is to avoid over-heat.
  6. F) Wire from the charger should be avoided contact with sharp objects such as torn corner table. If the charger wire is torn, do not use anymore. Do not wrap the wire charger with ‘tape’ or other material. Electric shock and damage to the laptop can occur. Change and buy a new charger.

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