How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Your Business? Leave a comment

Hashtags are the most important part of Instagram. Only when you know how to use Instagram hashtags for your business. they can help you in many ways like can expand your reach and connect to new customers or track user-generated content. With well-crafted hashtag strategy you can get more engagement which can lead to real conversions, sales and more followers on your account.

Recently Instagram added a feature that allows the user to follow hashtags in inclusion to other users. This helps the people to follow everything from #gabstoresshopping to #exploreworld.

And if you can sort this hashtag game then it is most likely that your target audience will follow. It would be the quick way to get into the feeds of target audience who may be still not have heard about your business.

For effective hashtag tactics, you will need to choose proper combination of hashtags. As this will improve your post performance and also will help you to reach your target audience. Now let’s look at ways of using hashtags for more visibility of your business on Instagram.

Use Multiple Location Hashtags:

This strategy will help you increase followers and can build awareness about your business. Even if you’re having eCommerce business, use location-based hashtags as it is an excellent way to connect with your group or community and helps you grow your business. If you’re a local business in Bangalore, for instance, you might use some hashtag variations like this:




Try and use three to four location hashtags for every local business post.

Use Popular & Average Hashtags:

By using popular hashtags, your post will appear in searches for seconds into minutes. This will create an instant burst of activity on your post, but when you include average popular hashtags, it will keep your post active in search results for hours, telling Instagram that your content has a long lifespan.

The reason for this specific combination of hashtags is related to how hashtags are sorted by the algorithm in each hashtag hub. Try and use five to seven both (Popular & Average) hashtags. These hashtags may not be directly related to what’s in the post but are specific to the industry and clients you serve.

Make Brand hashtags: 

These hashtags are used specifically for your brand. With this you and your followers can track your discussions and tag your content on Instagram. That is why all big company brands have hashtags that always include their brand name (like #gabstores) and maybe even contest-related hashtags (like #gabstorescontest).

So, try to do your research more and test different tactics to see which hashtags seem to work best for your content. Especially, this hashtag following feature on Instagram, this can be even more effective.

Also, you can search for hashtags from others in your industry.

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