Replacement For Hp 15-R000 Laptop DC Power Jack Socket Connector Cable


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Laptop DC Power Jack Fits Below Laptop Models

Hp 15-R000, 15-R001NS, 15-R002NC, 15-R003EE, 15-R003SE, 15-R004NIA, 15-R005EI, 15-R005SI, 15-R006NK, 15-R007NE, 15-R007TX, 15-R008TU, 15-R009SX, 15-R010NP, 15-R010TX, 15-R011NX, 15-R012NX, 15-R013EI, 15-R013TU, 15-R014SV, 15-R015NE, 15-R016EJ, 15-R017DX, 15-R017TU, 15-R018NX, 15-R019NX, 15-R020NK, 15-R021ND, 15-R021TU, 15-R022ST, 15-R024NA, 15-R025NR, 15-R026NR, 15-R028NA, 15-R030NA, 15-R030WM, 15-R031SV, 15-R032TU, 15-R033TX, 15-R035DS, 15-R038CA, 15-R040NG, 15-R041NF, 15-R042NF, 15-R043SM, 15-R045ER, 15-R046TU, 15-R048SR, 15-R050SU, 15-R052TU, 15-R055NF, 15-R058NF, 15-R060TU, 15-R062ER, 15-R063NO, 15-R065ER, 15-R067NO, 15-R071NF, 15-R073TU, 15-R076TU, 15-R080SR, 15-R082SR, 15-R085ND, 15-R001EE, 15-R001SE, 15-R002NE, 15-R003EI, 15-R003SI, 15-R004NP, 15-R005LA, 15-R005ST, 15-R006NL, 15-R007NF, 15-R008NA, 15-R008TX, 15-R009TU, 15-R010NS, 15-R011DX, 15-R011ST, 15-R012ST, 15-R013NE, 15-R013TX, 15-R014SW, 15-R015NF, 15-R016NE, 15-R017EJ, 15-R017TX, 15-R018TU, 15-R019TU, 15-R020NS, 15-R021NE, 15-R021TX, 15-R022TU, 15-R024NK, 15-R025NS, 15-R026NX, 15-R028NX, 15-R030ND, 15-R031DS, 15-R031SW, 15-R032TX, 15-R034CA, 15-R035TU, 15-R038NG, 15-R040SH, 15-R041NG, 15-R042SH, 15-R043SR, 15-R045SR, 15-R047ER, 15-R048TU, 15-R050TU, 15-R053CL, 15-R055SR, 15-R058NO, 15-R061ER, 15-R062NF, 15-R063NR, 15-R065NO, 15-R067SR, 15-R071SW, 15-R074ER, 15-R077NF, 15-R080TU, 15-R082TU, 15-R085NO, 15-R001EI, 15-R001SI, 15-R002NIA, 15-R003NA, 15-R003SV, 15-R004NX, 15-R005NA, 15-R005TU, 15-R006NP, 15-R007NIA, 15-R008NC, 15-R009EE, 15-R009TX, 15-R010NX, 15-R011NA, 15-R011SW, 15-R012SV, 15-R013NIA, 15-R014EE, 15-R014TU, 15-R015NL, 15-R016NL, 15-R017NE, 15-R018DX, 15-R018TX, 15-R019TX, 15-R020NX, 15-R021NG, 15-R022NA, 15-R022TX, 15-R024NR, 15-R025NX, 15-R026TU, 15-R028TU, 15-R030NG, 15-R031NA, 15-R031TU, 15-R033CA, 15-R034DS, 15-R035TX, 15-R038TU, 15-R040SM, 15-R041SM, 15-R042SM, 15-R043TU, 15-R045TU, 15-R047NF, 15-R049ER, 15-R051EU, 15-R053ND, 15-R055TU, 15-R058SR, 15-R061NE, 15-R062NO, 15-R063SR, 15-R065SR, 15-R067TU, 15-R071TU, 15-R074NF, 15-R077SR, 15-R081ER, 15-R083ER, 15-R085TU, 15-R001EL, 15-R001SIA, 15-R002NS, 15-R003NC, 15-R003TU, 15-R004SC, 15-R005NC, 15-R005TX, 15-R006NX, 15-R007NL, 15-R008NE, 15-R009NC, 15-R010EE, 15-R010SE, 15-R011NC, 15-R011TU, 15-R012SX, 15-R013NS, 15-R014NE, 15-R014TX, 15-R015NS, 15-R016NS, 15-R017NK, 15-R018NA, 15-R019EJ, 15-R020EE, 15-R020SQ, 15-R021NR, 15-R022NE, 15-R023NA, 15-R024NS, 15-R025SV, 15-R026TX, 15-R029NA, 15-R030NR, 15-R031NE, 15-R031TX, 15-R033DS, 15-R034NA, 15-R036DS, 15-R038TX, 15-R040SQ, 15-R041SR, 15-R042SR, 15-R044ER, 15-R045TX, 15-R047NO, 15-R049NF, 15-R051ND, 15-R053NF, 15-R056NF, 15-R058TU, 15-R061NF, 15-R062SR, 15-R063SW, 15-R065TU, 15-R068NF, 15-R072NF, 15-R074TU, 15-R077TU, 15-R081NR, 15-R083SR, 15-R086NO, 15-R001LA, 15-R001SL, 15-R002SE, 15-R003NE, 15-R003TX, 15-R004SI, 15-R005NE, 15-R006EO, 15-R006ST, 15-R007NS, 15-R008NF, 15-R009NIA, 15-R010EI, 15-R010SI, 15-R011NE, 15-R011TX, 15-R012TU, 15-R013NX, 15-R014NS, 15-R015DX, 15-R015SE, 15-R016NX, 15-R017NL, 15-R018NE, 15-R019NE, 15-R020NA, 15-R020ST, 15-R021NS, 15-R022NG, 15-R023NR, 15-R024NX, 15-R025TU, 15-R027NA, 15-R029NX, 15-R030NX, 15-R031NF, 15-R032DS, 15-R033NA, 15-R034NG, 15-R036TU, 15-R039CA, 15-R040SR, 15-R041SW, 15-R042TU, 15-R044NF, 15-R046ER, 15-R047SR, 15-R049SR, 15-R051TU, 15-R053SR, 15-R056SR, 15-R059NO, 15-R061NO, 15-R062TU, 15-R063TU, 15-R066ER, 15-R068NO, 15-R072TU, 15-R075ER, 15-R078NF, 15-R081SR, 15-R083TU, 15-R086TU, 15-R001NA, 15-R001TU, 15-R002SI, 15-R003NG, 15-R004EI, 15-R004TU, 15-R005NIA, 15-R006LA, 15-R006SX, 15-R007NX, 15-R008NIA, 15-R009NS, 15-R010NC, 15-R010ST, 15-R011NIA, 15-R012NA, 15-R012TX, 15-R013SE, 15-R014NX, 15-R015EE, 15-R015SV, 15-R016SV, 15-R017NS, 15-R018NK, 15-R019NK, 15-R020ND, 15-R020TU, 15-R021NX, 15-R022NR, 15-R023NX, 15-R024TU, 15-R025TX, 15-R027NX, 15-R029TU, 15-R030SQ, 15-R031NX, 15-R032NA, 15-R033ND, 15-R034NX, 15-R036TX, 15-R040ER, 15-R040TU, 15-R041TU, 15-R042TX, 15-R044SR, 15-R046NB, 15-R047TU, 15-R049TU, 15-R052ND, 15-R053TU, 15-R056TU, 15-R059TU, 15-R061SR, 15-R063ER, 15-R064ER, 15-R066NF, 15-R068TU, 15-R073ER, 15-R075TU, 15-R078TU, 15-R081TU, 15-R084NG, 15-R087NF, 15-R001NC, 15-R001TX, 15-R002SX, 15-R003NK, 15-R004NA, 15-R004TX, 15-R005NP, 15-R006NC, 15-R006TU, 15-R007SX, 15-R008NP, 15-R009SE, 15-R010NIA, 15-R010SW, 15-R011NL, 15-R012NE, 15-R013CA, 15-R013SI, 15-R014SE, 15-R015EJ, 15-R015TU, 15-R016TU, 15-R017NX, 15-R018NL, 15-R019NL, 15-R020NE, 15-R020TX, 15-R021ST, 15-R022NS, 15-R023TU, 15-R024TX, 15-R026NA, 15-R027TU, 15-R029TX, 15-R030TU, 15-R031SI, 15-R032ND, 15-R033NX, 15-R034SV, 15-R037TU, 15-R040NA, 15-R040TX, 15-R041TX, 15-R043ER, 15-R044TU, 15-R046NF, 15-R048ER, 15-R050NR, 15-R052NR, 15-R054SR, 15-R057SR, 15-R060ER, 15-R061SW, 15-R063ND, 15-R064SR, 15-R066TU, 15-R069NO, 15-R073NF, 15-R076NG, 15-R080ER, 15-R082ER, 15-R084NO, 15-R099SH, 15-R001NE, 15-R002EE, 15-R002TU, 15-R003NP, 15-R004NC, 15-R004XX, 15-R005NS, 15-R006NE, 15-R006TX, 15-R007TU, 15-R008NS, 15-R009ST, 15-R010NL, 15-R010TU, 15-R011NS, 15-R012NS, 15-R013EE, 15-R013ST, 15-R014SI, 15-R015NC, 15-R015TX, 15-R016TX, 15-R017SV, 15-R018NS, 15-R019NS, 15-R020NF, 15-R021EE, 15-R021SW, 15-R022NX, 15-R023TX, 15-R025NA, 15-R026NK, 15-R027TX, 15-R029WM, 15-R030TX, 15-R031ST, 15-R032NX, 15-R033TU, 15-R034TU, 15-R037TX, 15-R040NF, 15-R041ER, 15-R042ER, 15-R043NF, 15-R044TX, 15-R046SR, 15-R048NF, 15-R050SR, 15-R052SR, 15-R054TU, 15-R057TU, 15-R060SR, 15-R061TU, 15-R063NE, 15-R064TU, 15-R067NF, 15-R069TU, 15-R073SR, 15-R076SR, 15-R080ND, 15-R082NR, 15-R084TU, 15-R099SM, 15-R001NIA, 15-R002EI, 15-R002TX, 15-R003NS, 15-R004NE, 15-R005EE, 15-R005SE, 15-R006NIA, 15-R007NC

Condition New
Product Type
Replacement | Compatible
Brand Generic
Watts 90W
In The Box Laptop DC Power Jack 1 pc
Product Warranty
Warranty Summary
           1 Month Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type      Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty
Warranty Type                    Seller Warranty
Covered in Warranty          Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty    Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Item is NOT “Original”

SKU: GJ040-004 Category:
Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 cm

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