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Pros and Cons to Leaving your Laptop Plugged in

Should Laptop be plugged in while it is Fully Charged? This question often comes in mind  The answer would be no. There are pros and cons to leaving your laptop plugged in all time, even if it is 100% Charged.

The big problem in using your laptop while it is plugged is that most of the laptop restrict their speed performance in order to get prolonged life of the battery. So if you don’t want to deal with slow processing speed then you can change your Laptop’s Power Management settings.

But let me tell you, if you change your performance setting in order to get maximum processing speed then it would lead to reduced battery life and this will make you to plug in your laptop sooner.

However, if you want to get prolonged life for your laptopbattery then you should not be using your laptop while plugged in all the time. Nowadays laptop batteries should not be “Overcharged” because the adapter will bypass once the laptop battery is fully charged.

These laptop batteries are either lithium polymer or lithium – ion which are designed to withstand infinite amount charge cycles.  So laptop battery cannot be overcharged, it stop charging as soon as it is 100% charged.

How do to increase your Laptop processing power and battery life?

So, what should you do to increase your Laptop processing power and battery life? The best thing is not to let your laptop’s battery drain completely. If you drain all your laptop’s battery then this would reduce infinite number of recharge cycles. So, try to leave your laptop battery around 50% charged whenever unplugged.

Another reason for reducing battery life is overheating.  Excessive heat that is generated by the laptop slowdowns your battery life. Make sure that your laptop cooling fan is working properly so that laptop does not get over heated.

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